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For Corporations & Non-Profits

SMA will maximize your corporate brand by creating content, using its array of relationships combined with events and experiences for client engagement to improve your bottom line.

SMA is uniquely suited to engage with clients in any field. Our team has created a boutique product offering that has created substantial opportunity and growth for business clients in various industries. Using client engagement experiences and events, SMA partners with clients to achieve specific goals of awareness, branding and sales.

SMA understands that to stimulate your organization, effort must be made to not only gain new donors, but to retain current supporters. The Non-Profit that partners with SMA will raise awareness, increase donor base, and stimulate capital raise.

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The Sports Impact Series

SMA merges assets and partnerships in presenting the “Sports Impact Series”. These events include meet and greets, panel discussions, and corporate and community events, with a sports influence.

Our “SPORTS IMPACT LUNCHEON” is a flagship product. The Sports Impact Luncheon is a business development tool that uses professional athletes and/or entertainers to raise awareness on social issues, entertain, or draw new prospects to the business (or cause) represented.

Sports Impact Luncheons have hosted thousands of students in and around Metro Detroit as well as Northern Michigan communities, shedding light on mental illness and substance abuse.

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For Athletes & Personalities

Landmark Achievement – SMA provides marketing services that represent personalities who desire to illuminate those “larger than life” moments in their respective arena or align themselves with noteworthy causes or interests.

Marketing & Brand Development – SMA works directly with personalities or their representatives in securing appearances, speaking engagements, autograph sessions, or private label/ product development on behalf of our corporate partners.

SMA also engages amateur athletes for Name, Image, and Likeness opportunities around mental illness, substance abuse, and more.

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