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About SMA

Using Sports and Entertainment as the vehicle, SMA has taken the social responsibility to reduce the stigma surrounding mental illness and substance use disorder.

We leverage the brands and platforms of corporations along with current and former professional athletes, entertainers, community leaders, and subject matter experts to reduce the stigma and raise awareness related to these two health issues.

Using SMA’s influence, we can connect the attributes of your brand to similar attributes of individuals to create unique content opportunities that support our community initiatives.


SMA has a clear mission to revolutionize the manner in which mental illness and substance abuse disorders are considered.


SMA raises awareness about mental illness and substance use disorders in a variety of ways. It creates unique and proprietary media content on its website in the form of videos, made available over a digital network that provides information and reduces stigma.

These informational vignettes are typically interviews with current and former professional athletes who share their relative personal experiences. SMA showcases interviews with community healthcare facilities and frontline workers who are experts in the treatment of these disorders.

SMA TV and Digital Network content is documented for repurposing the messaging throughout school systems, treatment centers, social media platforms, and community partner facilities.

SMA has reached over 10 million people through traditional and social media.


SMA has also established The Community Partnership Initiative that involves an interdisciplinary platform which allows industry professionals and individuals in long-term recovery to share ideas regarding the challenges pertaining to mental illness and substance use disorder.

As part of the Community Partnership Initiative, SMA introduced “challenge coins.” Challenge coins are incentives to reward the coin holder’s commitment to community outreach. It requires those who do not possess their challenge coin to donate time, talent, and/or resources to raise awareness around mental illness and substance use disorder.